Albany Creek Renovation 2018

This was a large renovation and not without it’s challenges.

Early into the demolition we found that the back patio footings had moved and we would need to underpin before extending the slab.

The location of the kitchen was moved to open up the floor plan. The ensuite, walk in robe and bedroom were all reconfigured to suit the owners with access directly out onto the new patio. The original bathroom was going to get a minor facelift but it was soon discovered that there were multiple leaks around the shower so the owners decided to renovate that bathroom too. You would think that was enough but the best was yet to come. After removing the existing ceiling sheets to the main living area we found that a girder truss had failed. This truss was holding up six common trusses and had been built like that 18 years ago. Still have no idea how the roof didn’t collapse. Photos for that one are on the facebook page. All has been fixed and as you can see the results are incredible.