At Ken McKay Homes we are passionate about building eco friendly homes.

Eco Friendly Homes

We reduce your carbon footprint by working with a leading builder for eco-friendly houses in Australia.

Ken McKay Homes are committed to helping save the planet through the use of the HIA GreenSmart House Program, which aims to deliver environmentally responsible housing.

GreenSmart designed homes showcase environmentally sustainable housing design with the main goals being:


  • improved energy efficiency of the home
  • improved water efficiency of the home
  • to enable home owners to waste less and recycle more and
  • to reduce the waste generated from the building process

You will enjoy the benefits of a GreenSmart home which include lower energy and water bills, a warmer house in winter, a cooler house in summer and better soil for beautiful gardens. More than 50% of the waste from the building process is recycled.

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Eco Friendly Homes
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