Extent of Flood Damage

I have just received advice from the BSA and the Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries of Queensland Inc about how you can better understand the extent of the damage to Gyprock ( Plasterboard) for yourself. By knowing a little about the product, you will be better prepared to discuss your needs with any builder

If you have found yourself on this page then chances are your property has been damaged by the recent floods. Now you are trying to find a builder or tradesperson who will repair your house & this can be quite daunting as many people don’t have family or friends in the trade. Here I hope

Eco is not a dirty word

Building an Eco Friendly Home. It’s easy to walk into a display home and see yourself living in the house they want you to live in, but land development in recent times have not always allowed your house to be situated for the best Sun orientation. All is not lost there are still many things