With the Newman Government ceasing the First Home Owner grant from 11th October 2012, the new option available is a grant of $15,000 to help first time buyers in purchasing newly-constructed properties.  This grant will be available from mid September 2012 for properties valued at up to $750,000. This is a massive boost for the

If you are renovating an existing home, or building a new one, getting quality cabling installed during the building process is something you need to consider. Think about the following points before starting the building or renovations. You’ll save money putting cabling in while building. Having cabling put in during the building process is much

If you are waiting for your insurance company to organise a builder to repair your house, chances are you will be waiting a while. The recent Queensland floods have many insurance companies flat out trying to process claims while others have just said you’re not covered. The scale of the problem is too big for

The frame of your house may not have lost its structural integrity due to the floods. I was conducting an inspection at a house in Yeronga on Friday and was disturbed to hear that unqualified people are giving advice to home owners. The reason for my concern is people who have had their houses damaged

Moisture Content

If you have a home that has been flood damaged please read on, it could save you from making a costly mistake. As advised by the Queensland Building Sevices Authority the moisture content of any framing should be 16per cent or less before any wall sheeting is installed. If you do install the sheeting you