Stuctural Integrity From Flood Damage February 27, 2011 09:35am

The frame of your house may not have lost its structural integrity due to the floods.

I was conducting an inspection at a house in Yeronga on Friday and was disturbed to hear that unqualified people are giving advice to home owners. The reason for my concern is people who have had their houses damaged by the recent floods in Queensland will only see doom and gloom, and advice from unqualified people will actually make things look worse than they are. The home owner I visited had found Termite damage that would have gone unnoticed, most likely for a few years, this would have resulted in a lot more damage. He had also been told that his floor joists which had been constructed of a wafer board gusset would need to be replaced as is wasn’t designed to be totally immersed in water. These engineered products are tested to withstand many different scenarios, one of which would have been water submersion. If you can get under your floor you may be able to read the details printed on your joist or bearer. You can then contact the manufacturer for their advice. You can also have a builder look at it and they can advise or speak to the manufacturer on your behalf. If you haven’t yet found a builder I have some further details on another blog that may assist you.

Some of the common manufactures that I have used are listed below


Good luck and keep your heads up.



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