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If you are renovating an existing home, or building a new one, getting quality cabling installed during the building process is something you need to consider. Think about the following points before starting the building or renovations.

You'll save money putting cabling in while building. Having cabling put in during the building process is much cheaper, because most often the walls are not yet sheeted off, and access to cavities in the home is much easier to get. This means lower labour costs, and labour is the highest component of any cabling job.

Make sure you get a qualified installer to put the cable in. Electricians will normally offer to do it, but not all of them have the skills to provide a guaranteed reliable installation. Having to pull the cabling out and fix it later will be expensive, so make sure your chosen contractor has the right credentials

Make sure you talk to a computer solutions provider for advice first. Getting good advice from an IT expert can help uncover both current and future needs you may not have thought of. They can also give you advice on what kind of equipment to use in various situations

Install network cables everywhere. It's amazing how often whole buildings are built, and once the owner moves in, there's a room they wished they'd put a cable outlet in. Even if you think a room will never need it, you should include a socket there in case your needs change. 

Sockets can be multi purpose. Properly installed cable can be used as a computer network connection or a telephone outlet. Look to have all the cables properly terminated in a central rack, where they can be connected to whichever service is needed there.

Wi-Fi is handy, but fixed cable always works better. For a start, modern homes tend to be larger than wi-Fi can successfully cover. For basic web surfing, Wi-Fi works well, but for streaming video and playing online games, a physical cable connection is the only way to go. Wi-Fi is great for connecting devices like the Apple iPad, so you probably will want a wireless router, but don't think it will do everything, make sure you have hard wired network connections.

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